Since 1998 our rapid prototyping services and in-house wax pattern printing capabilities have allowed us to produce patterns at a quality level that is unmatched. Our first Thermo Jet Printer was serial number 0005!

Aristo-Cast pioneered the application of using the G2 material in rapid prototyping, and allows us to be the only investment casting company to offer concept-to-casting in 24 hours. One thing for sure, castings manufactured by Aristo-Cast will meet or exceed your expectations.

In-house rapid prototyping equipment includes:

However, we have access to virtually every other pattern printing equipment.

We also have the capability of using Quick Cast and Cast Form patterns as well as providing SLA's in a variety of materials.

Check back frequently to see what new and exciting development we have in the additive manufacturing field.


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Combining Additive Manufacturing with Proven Metal Casting Processes





P.I.C.S. (Printed Investment Casting Shell) process.

The P.I.C.S. process completely eliminates the need for expensive injection molds or, in the prototype arena, expendable patterns to produce an investment casting. P.I.C.S. can reduce the I.C. process time and cost as much as 50% AND eliminate the majority of the, labor intensive steps required to produce a shell. P.I.C.S, can also create Conformal cooling channels without soluble wax tooling or preform ceramic cores.

This duplex fuel nozzle has been investment cast using the P.I.C.S. (Printed Investment Casting Shell) process.